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Our Process

Considering having a special piece of Jewellery created but unsure on where to start? Don’t Panic! Our design team will work with you to turn your dreams and concepts into reality. Our bespoke process as outlined below allows customers to choose from and pick the perfect bespoke piece across a full range of stones and metals to suit almost any budget.

Please remember: On all pieces made we offer a free re-size, so don’t panic about not getting the exact right finger size, especially for those surprise proposals! Everything we make is guaranteed for 1 year and we offer half price cleaning on all bespoke jewellery made by OEJ for life.

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Step 1:

Initial Designs

Book an appointment and come into store for a consultation with our team. During your first visit, we will chat through your requirements and discuss a variety of stones and metals, we then get to work and create the initial designs of your bespoke piece through the use of CAD technology.

Step 2:

3D Printed Model

Once the initial designs are signed off we 3D print your chosen design into resin. At this stage, we recommend popping back into the store to see or try the model of your bespoke piece and make any final alterations before we move on to casting. ​

Step 3:


We take a mould of the 3D resin model and place it into our oven overnight to burn out the resin and leave a solid mould. The mould then goes into our casting machine & we then melt down your metal of choice (Platinum, Gold, Silver etc) all under Vacuum. Finally we cut off your rough casting and semi polish it for hallmarking by the Birmingham Assay Office.

Step 4:

Finishing Touches

The final steps are where we finish the piece once it returns from being hallmarked. First we fully emery and carry out a first stage polish, then we set the stones ensuring they are secure followed by a final polish.


We then run a number of quality assurance checks and write a valuation for insurance purposes. At this stage, you’ll be notified and called back into store to collect your finished bespoke piece! 

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