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Engagement Rings

All of our engagement rings can come in a range of metals, from platinum to 9ct yellow gold. Each ring is made by one of our award-winning jewellers using the latest jewellery design software, we literally design your perfect engagement ring right in front of your eyes!


If there is a ring you like the concept of but want a slight amendment then that is no problem simply ask one of the designers or get in touch with our team for any questions, we look forward to helping you! 

Why the third finger, left hand?
The early Egyptians believed that the vena amoris (the vein of love) ran directly from the heart to the top of the third finger, left hand. The tradition and custom have now been used for five centuries.

The engagement ring is a time-honoured tradition. The diamond, because it is considered to be the most perfect and enduring stone, is most often chosen for the engagement ring, however, many couples choose semi-precious stones such as their birthstones.


Please note: All our diamonds are conflict-free. No blood diamonds are sold at Old Eldon Jewellers.

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